• 3 Things Every Motorcyclist Needs for Winter Riding

    When cold temperatures start becoming more frequent, many motorcyclists put their beloved bikes in their garages or cover them up to protect from the elements until spring weather rolls around. At Fieldsheer, we’ve come up with a solution to keep you on your bike all year round! Our motorcycle gear is designed for the biker who wants to ride in comfort whenever he or she wants. We want to keep our customers on their motorcycles, but since we’re in the dead of winter, those in colder climates aren’t as likely to get on their bikes and ride. Here are 3 things you need for cold weather riding.


    Heated Motorcycle Jacket


    No matter what time of the year it is, the wind chill can make even the nicest of days cold to ride in. The winter temperatures combined with a wind chill will definitely have an affect on your ability to ride. The experts at Fieldsheer have created a heated motorcycle jacket to keep you warm every time you ride. The Hydro Heat Jacket features a removable heated jacket liner for easy recharging and cleaning. The 12V rechargeable battery holds it’s charge for up to 10 hours. With this jacket, you can decide when you get on the road, not the weather!


    Fieldsheer Riding Pants


    Riding a motorcycle for long periods of time can be exhausting and even painful to your body. We’ve all experienced uncomfortable road trips in our cars and trucks. Riding a motorcycle can be even more uncomfortable! The Mckinney Pant provides insulation from the cold and waterproof material to keep you comfortable. The seat of the pants provides an abrasion-resistant ride for maximum comfort. Cyclists who are also concerned about the protection of their knees will love the adjustable CE armor specifically placed in the knee area. For safety, we’ve included reflective material on the pants for riding at night or inclement weather.


    Rainproof Riding Suit


    If you’re expecting rain on your next ride, don’t let that stop you from getting on your motorcycle. Our rainproof riding gear will you keep you dry throughout your entire ride. Our Polar Suit features a nylon outer shell and fully insulated interior lining. Every seam is taped and treated to ensure that our riders never feel the elements. Keeping our customers safe is important to us, we’ve included reflective materials on various parts of the suit to ensure that other drivers see you on the road.


    Let Fieldsheer Keep You on the Road


    The weather shouldn’t dictate our lives, but unfortunately sometimes it does. Our motorcycle gear has made it easier for motorcyclists to work with it though. Fieldsheer is dedicated to making sure your ride is comfortable and you’re satisfied with our products. Customers with questions about our clothing are welcome to contact us to learn more!

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