Fieldsheer® garment equipped with Zapsheer™ technology incorporates conductive fibers woven in with the fabric that drains or dissipates static electrical build-up that can be generated as fabrics rub against different materials. By reducing static cling, Zapsheer™ effectively eliminates any risks associated with garments used in electrostatically-sensitive workspaces and outdoor areas. Anti-static fabrics completely dissipate any electric build-up reducing the chance of a spark in electrostatically-sensitive spaces. Synthetic materials commonly generate more static energy than garments produced from natural fibers. Fieldsheer has studied naturally anti-static materials and non-conductive materials to develop sturdy anti-static fabrics that seamlessly combine comfort, durability, and protective properties. Fieldsheer® engineers have designed Zapsheer™ to eliminate the build-up of static energy. By discharging built-up static energy as it created, Zapsheer™ minimizes any risks associated with static cling and reduces the chances of possible static electricity sparks. Static electricity is caused by two materials with imbalanced electrical charges frequently rubbing against each other; the resulting discharge is created when the build-up is neutralized by a flow of charges to or from the natural surroundings. The advantages of synthetic fabrics, such as moisture-wicking and anti-microbial surfaces, are indisputable. However, one downside can be that they generally generate more static energy than organic fabrics like cotton or wool. By imbuing synthetic materials with anti-static conductive fibers, Fieldsheer has created fabrics that blend the anti-static benefits of natural fabrics with the hygienic and bacteria-killing characteristics of synthetic fabrics. Different garments require Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) technology for various reasons, and Fieldsheer® has worked closely with our design and engineer teams to develop the best ESD fabric on the market and deliver effective anti-static solutions for everyday use.
  • Completely dissipate electrical charge buildup
  • Combines the effective moisture wicking properties of synthetic fabrics with the ESD properties of natural fabrics
  • Comfortable, durable fabrics with built in ESD technology