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Mobile Warming Technology

Bluetooth App Control

MW Connect™ by Fieldsheer® allows you to control Bluetooth® enabled Mobile Warming® Technology garments with your mobile device. MW Connect™ App easily pairs and syncs with your Fieldsheer® garments. Through the MW Connect™ app you easily toggle through all connected Mobile Warming® devices and adjust individual heat levels to your liking. MW Connect™ allows you to get real time updates on battery levels, register your product, and update your garments when new firmware becomes available.

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Excessive levels of sweat can leave your garment heavy and unpleasantly clammy. Fieldsheer® Garments that utilize Sweatsheer™ construction combat this perspiration in a modern way. These fabrics feature a high-tech polyester woven internal liner that allows for the highest levels of permeable moisture wicking abilities. Just as a candle draws wax to the flame, our garments elevate moisture from the skin to promote a clean and comfortable fit.

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Wind-Shark™ protects from the negative effects that wind can have on your body by blocking it from entering the core of your garment to retain body heat or warmth from our heating system. Wind-Shark™ includes a durable outer water-repellent fabric treatment. Wind-Shark™ is a complete wind protection technology made of a combination of a breathable wind-proof membrane and a water-repellent coating.

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Mobile Touch

Never take off your gloves again with our Mobile Touch technology. Smart phone and tablet compatible, Mobile Touch allows you to interact with your device without taking your glove off.

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