Fieldsheer® Sweatsheer™ technology combines with our other proprietary fabric technologies to create garments that naturally draw perspiration away from the skin. Our high-tech polyester is woven into an interlinear that's naturally anti-microbial and allows for the highest levels of permeable moisture-wicking abilities. Whether it's a multi-day through hike or twenty city blocks in a downpour, Sweatsheer™ technology ensures that your garment never gets heavy or unpleasantly soaked in sweat. By attracting perspiration away from the skin Sweatsheer™, delivers all-day comfort in a durable, lightweight polyester construction. Our field-tested technology enhances any outdoor gear by creating a comfortable, fresh interior that wicks moisture away and is adaptable to any conditions. Weather is unpredictable, and getting caught in a mid-summer storm during a hike can become uncomfortable in traditional water repellent outer layers that don't promote breathability or perspiration evaporation. Sweatsheer™ technology is the result of over 40 years of innovation at Fieldsheer®, and we've learned from our innovations over the years. We've taken our experience and developed some of the highest performance materials inspired by natural processes to deliver modern solutions. Sweatsheer™ technology is designed to draw moisture from the surface of the skin, keeping you clean and comfortable from sunup to sundown. Fieldsheer® garments that utilize Sweatsheer™ technology are a seamless combination of high-performance outdoor equipment blended with comfortable moisture-wicking interior linings. Because we construct our lining with high-quality polyester, they are naturally anti-microbial and don't promote bacterial growth or the development of unwanted odors. All-day comfort and rugged durability are flawlessly combined in Sweatsheer™ technology. Quick-drying polyester ensures your garments will never get logged down with excess moisture becoming sticky and uncomfortable.
  • Moisture-wicking antimicrobial polyester provides all day comfort
  • Quick drying technology ensures dry clothing and no bacterial growth or unwanted odors
  • Thoughtfully designed for use in every condition