Industry-exclusive Phoslite® technology provides unparalleled visibility at night or during low visibility conditions. Millions of reflective lenses are bonded to the fabric and reflect directly back to the light source, providing warnings to oncoming vehicles. Whether it's a pre-dawn ride or an overnight journey, Phoslite® delivers high-visibility protection and improved safety. Whatever your high-visibility needs are, Fieldsheer® Phoslite® technology has you covered, and our proprietary technology adapts to all low light conditions delivering adaptable protection. Whether its fog, nighttime, or during sunset, the dangers of riding without high-visibility equipment are clear, and Phoslite® provides complete visibility for oncoming vehicles. By reflecting directly back at the light source, riders can be assured that they're being seen in all conditions. Reflectivity directed straight back to the source of the light allows a higher level of protection and an added layer of reassurance. Phoslite® technology can be applied across an entire garment or on panels to provide effective high-visibility solutions. Based on the principle of retroreflection, which directs the light directly back at the source instead of scattered reflectivity, which merely disperses the light. Retro reflection is the most effective way to provide high-visibility solutions in a variety of low light conditions. Visibility is especially important in wet conditions where low light conditions and reduced reaction time can create hazardous conditions for riders. Adding high-visibility fabric is one of the most effective and most natural ways to guarantee safety in low light or nighttime conditions. Our engineers have field-tested our retroreflecting technology in every low light environment possible to ensure seamless luminosity. Developed to deliver the highest performance reflectivity on the market, Phoslite® takes high-visibility fabrics to the next level. Fieldsheer® continues to innovate and transform what high-performance means.
  • Proprietary Retro Reflection technology directs light straight back at the source
  • Increased visibility leads to greater safety in low light conditions
  • Low light, night-time, and rainy conditions create low light environments where decreased visibility can create dangerous situations