Stainsheer™ technology is a durable coating that allows perspiration out without allowing grease, grime, or oil to stain any garment. Engineered to be both lightweight and rugged Stainsheer™ allows for all-day comfort while not constraining any range of motion or flexibility. Unlike other exterior coatings that create a completely impermeable exterior, Stainsheer™ allows heat and moisture out to allow for maximum comfort and durability. Resistant to light rain, Stainsheer™ provides complete protection from the elements while allowing breathability and unmatched comfort. Fieldsheer® has field-tested Stainsheer™ in several harsh weather conditions to create the most durable, breathable, and resilient external coatings for all performance or outdoor gear. Lightweight but rugged Stainsheer™ is hypo-allergenic and safe for all sensitive skin types. By stopping liquids, oils, greases, and other environmental elements from absorbing into the fabric, Stainsheer™ eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or additives to remove tough stains. Fieldsheer® has been a leading innovator for over 40 years and continues to evolve and work closely with our designers and engineers to develop the highest quality products. While some stain-resistant coating can create stiff exteriors, Stainsheer™ provides excellent water repellent qualities without sacrificing flexibility, breathability, or range of motion. This blend of rugged durability and comfort is combined seamlessly with Stainsheer™ and is the result of countless hours of research and development. Stainsheer™ is quick-drying, delivering all-day comfort no matter where you find yourself from the woodshed, the timberline, or walking to dinner. Stainsheer™ allows for easy cleanup and delivers two-point protection from spills and rain. Our advanced technology is inspired by nature and blends rugged durability with lightweight breathability to keep you clean, dry, and continuing on the day ahead.
  • Lightweight breathability with rugged stain and water repellent properties
  • Quick dry technology delivers all day comfort
  • Hypo-allergenic and safe for all sensitive skin types