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Carbolex–HD® is an extremely durable water-resistant synthetic fabric that is made from incredibly strong and lightweight polyester fibers. It is used exclusively in Fieldsheer® motorcycle pants and jackets. Carbolex-HD® is engineered to out-perform other comparable fabrics such as standard Carbolex® and Cordura® in strength and weight properties. Carbolex-HD® has been rigorously tested using ASTM Standards to prove that Carbolex-HD® is four times stronger than other nylon fabrics and almost twice as strong as standard Carbolex®.


PolyTitanium Mesh

PolyTitanium Mesh offers the industry’s highest level of protection with maximum airflow to keep you cool in extreme heat conditions. It’s a lightweight, Polyurethane blend; flexible and abrasion resistant allowing for a comfortable feel and freedom of movement for any riding style.

Quadratex With Kevlar


Teramid™ is a specially formulated blend of carbon fiber, steel, titanium, and Teramid® fibers. Teramid™ offers superior strength, durability, and protection from tearing, punctures, and abrasions. Teramid™ is extremely soft to the touch and very comfortable against skin. Teramid™ is easy to care for and is oil, water and stain resistant.

Monaco Premium Leather

Monaco Premium Leather

Monaco is a fully accredited, high performance leather with a smooth surface used on Fieldsheer’s Premium Leather Jackets. This 1.2mm-1.4mm top-grain leather comes with a full UV protective finish and offers excellent feel.

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide is well known for its toughness, which is why most Fieldsheer® leather jackets are made from cowhide leather. Fieldsheer®’s 1.2mm-1.4mm Cowhide leather is used where protection of the rider is key, ensuring high performance levels in abrasion, tear, and cutting resistance. Fieldsheer®’s Cowhide leather is long-lasting and extremely protective.

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin is an excellent all-around leather used throughout Fieldsheer® leather gloves. Durable enough to offer excellent protection, yet lighter and more tactile than cowhide, goatskin is extremely supple, requiring little break-in time.

Armadillo Armor

Armadillo Armor®

Armadillo Armor® uses advanced materials and construction techniques to offer an outstanding level of protection. Comfortable, flexible, and highly impact absorbent; Armadillo Armor® is designed, engineered, and tested to meet or exceed CE Level 1 and CE Level 2 standards.

Clarino Leather

Clarino® Leather

Clarino® Synthetic Leather is lightweight and durable, sharing the same strength as genuine leather. However, Clarino® is three times stronger than real leather, allowing moisture and heat to pass through. Clarino® is breathable allowing heat to dissipate in warm weather and retain warmth in cold weather.

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Rainguard® is a polyurethane coating which allows perspiration to escape along with sewn seems that are sealed with thermoplastic tape, preventing water from penetrating the garment. This advanced technology has been engineered and tested; lightweight, 100% waterproof, breathable, and resistant to cold—with a soft fabric feel.

Wind Shark


Wind-Shark™ protects from the negative effects that wind can have on your body by blocking it from entering the core of your garment to retain body heat or warmth from our heating system. Wind-Shark™ includes a durable outer water-repellent fabric treatment. Wind-Shark™ is a complete wind protection technology made of a combination of a breathable wind-proof membrane and a water-repellent coating.



Bacteria and microbes can infiltrate clothing causing odor, color fading, and a short garment lifespan. Fieldsheer® Anti-Microbial technology improves freshness, supports hygiene, and offers excellent odor control. Anti-Microbial is a non-sensitizing formula that will not irritate skin ensuring you hours of odor free comfort.



Fieldsheer® garments that feature Fieldsheer® Anti-static technology incorporates conductive fibers that dissipate or drain static charges, reducing static cling or possible static electricity sparks.



Phoslite® is an industry exclusive reflective technology that is used for enhanced visibility at night or during low visibility conditions. Phoslite® is composed of millions of tiny “reflective” lenses bonded to a fabric backing. These lenses will reflect light straight back to the source, providing reflective warnings for improved safety.