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Collection: Frontier Heated Jacket

Frontier Men's and Women's Heated Jackets blends function with fall fashion. It's a button-up with a multidimensional design blending a black denim cotton shell with a soft and stylish flannel interior. The Frontier features 2 button-secured chest pockets and 2 hand pockets on the waist. To keep you warm in those cold conditions, the Frontier Heated Jacket is heated with our tried-and-true 7.4-volt heating system powered by our Mobile Warming® rechargeable 7.4-volt Lithium-Ion battery. The Frontier targets 3 heat zones, 2 on the chest and one on the back, offering 4 heat settings with a high of 135ºF for up to 2+ hours and a low of 90ºF for 10 hours.

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