SAN MARCOS, CA (July 20, 2019) – As Fieldsheer Mobile Warming prepared for last year’s Mid-States Fall Rendezvous Show- the company, by almost any measure, had a pretty good thing going.

Fieldsheer Mobile Warming, has developed and manufactures an innovative, Bluetooth®-controlled, heated-clothing technology that is incorporates into a wide range of fashionable garments for outdoor activities. Its clothing line, which includes jackets, vests, base layers, gloves, socks, even pet vests, has been very well-received and continues to make serious inroads into the outdoor apparel industry.

Now, as the company readies for this year’s Rendezvous Show – one of two major trade shows held by Mid-States Distributing, one of the nation’s largest buying groups and retail distributors  in the farm store channel, they find themselves in an even more enviable position: not only in the midst of another year in which they project to experience triple digit revenue growth over 2018, but extension of the brand into an expanding range of outdoor activities and markets, including ski, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and construction. 

So promising was the expansion in these areas that Fieldsheer Mobile Warming hired two new rep firms - MWS Associates, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and Chicago-based Allied Sales and Marketing, Inc.– to escalate the growthin these segments (MWS handles the hunting, camping and fishing markets, while Allied takes care of the hardware market.)

Not to be overshadowed in this pattern of constant growth is the expansion in the farm and fleet market – a market which might prove to the be the fastest growing of all. This market potential is the primary reason that Fieldsheer Mobile Warmingis putting significant resources into promoting their heated clothing line to the farm and fleet channel, highlighted by their continued presence at the Rendezvous Show,

“We’ve had extremely impressive growth over the last few years, even greater than we expected,” noted KC Bean, CEO of Fieldsheer Mobile Warming. “As consumers are becoming more aware of the advantages of our Bluetooth® controlled heated apparel, our products are finding their way into a wider range of outdoor activities.”

“Farm and fleet, however, is the segment where we might very well realize the greatest growth, “he continued. “Folks working outside all day, running machinery, operating family farms – these are people who need apparel that will keep them at a comfortable temperature while providing the mobility they need to perform their work functions. Our heated apparel does just that, especially since it removes the need to bulk up and wear multiple layers of clothing for warmth.”

Mobile Warming technology includes Bluetooth® integration, allowing users to wirelessly select heat levels and check the battery life remotely from any Smartphone using the exclusive MW Connect™ mobile app, the brains behind the technology. The MW Connect app pairs and syncs with the consumer’s Fieldsheer Mobile Warming garments for a level of control not found in competitive garments. 

The combination of unique materials, construction techniques, battery designs with advanced charging circuitry, and innovative heating panels results in the most advanced heated gear for many outdoor applications.



Based in San Marcos, CA, Tech Gear 5.7is the holding company for two major brands: Fieldsheer, a leader in the production of performance motorcycle riding gear for over 40 years; and Mobile Warming® an innovative, Bluetooth-based, heated-clothing technology developed by Fieldsheerand included in many of its garments. All Tech Gear 5.7 products are created with the goal of pushing current boundaries of design, construction and integrated technology systems. 

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