Changing the Way We Enjoy the Outdoors

In the world we are living in, times are changing; good quality, yet affordable products can be hard to come across. The community of outdoorsman and woman continues to grow and the need for affordable, quality products only gets higher and higher. As days go on we see more and more families enjoy the outdoors by walking, hiking, or even hunting and fishing as a family. Enjoying the outdoors is an endless opportunity to go further and further, explore, see new things and places, and make a difference. Fieldsheer is here to change the way we enjoy the outdoors. The heated jackets, vests, gloves, and socks Fieldsheer is designing have the changing times and outdoors in mind, and are made for all walks of life, not strictly avid outdoorsman or woman. Whether you’re wanting an everyday jacket to keep you warm during the kid’s sports game, or are enjoying the outdoors by hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping, Fieldsheer heated clothing will provide outstanding levels of comfort and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button.


Fieldsheer is changing the way we enjoy the outdoors and exceeds the efficiency of any other warming system available in outerwear today. Why struggle with layer after layer when you can have 1-2 quality warming pieces to keep you warm and comfortable all day? Having full comfort and mobility is important while enjoying the outdoors. Fieldsheer knows that you wouldn’t want to struggle with your bulky layers while you are hiking or biking so we're committed to providing customers with the best quality, best priced, and best performing heated products on the market so you can keep living your life and enjoying the outdoors comfortably.


The Fieldsheer technology is specifically engineered for extremely cold weather conditions so no matter if you are taking the kids on a walk or waiting for that prime buck, you will be warm AND comfortable. Fieldsheer carries everything from heated jackets, heated vests, heated vests, heated vests, heated socks, heated gloves, and more. We also offer a heated vest for the dogs in your life too. The whole family can enjoy warmth and comfort with Fieldsheer gear.

The Fieldsheer heating system utilizes FIR (Far-Infrared) heat and ultra-fine metal fiber heating elements powered by limelight; rechargeable and powerful lithium-ion batteries. Using only the highest quality batteries ensure long lasting power and battery life and are specifically made for each garment. As the heat builds, Fieldsheer materials reflect and direct the heat back towards the body keeping you warm and comfortable no matter how you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Fieldsheer takes heated outerwear to a new level with the built in bluetooth control, smallest and lightest batteries, longest heat times, in house design and the exclusive MW Connect App. When you’ve got Fieldsheer heated clothing to keep you warm and comfortable you can keep exploring and enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather.

Go explore.

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