Check Out The New Mobile Cooling® Products We Have In Stock!

You know and love Fieldsheer because we help keep you warm in the winter. Well, we have good news! No longer are we just your go-to brand for warm winter clothing. Now, with Fieldsheer’s Mobile Cooling® apparel, keeping cool in the summer has never been easier. 

Discover the new cooling products we have in stock to keep you comfortable all summer long! 

Cooling Clothing for All Your Outdoor Activities

With our large selection of cooling clothing for men and cooling clothing for women, you are sure to find what you need. 

Cooling Clothing for Men

Guys, we know it gets hot working on a construction site in the heat of the day or while on the green, and the last thing you want is to overheat or get a sunburn that cuts your game short. Our new men’s long sleeve cooling shirt is the solution to these problems. 

Designed with advanced cooling technologies and fabric that keeps moisture at bay, you stay cool throughout a full day in the sun. For additional protection, try the men’s long sleeve cooling shirt with a hood, designed to protect your neck from harmful UV sun rays and keep your head cool and your core temperature down. 

If long sleeves aren’t your thing, that means our men’s cooling tank top and t-shirt are. Designed with the same UPF 50+ sun protection, you’ll move with ease while keeping your skin safe from 98% of the sun’s rays.

Cooling Clothing for Women

Ladies, there are so many reasons to be outside during the summer. Whether for work or play or a little bit of both, we have the sun-protective, cooling clothing you need starting with our cooling tank top for women

The perfect combination of functional and fashionable, this tank top keeps you cool and dry throughout the day. If you’re looking for a bit more sun protection, you won’t want to miss our women’s long sleeve cooling shirt. It’s designed with UPF 50+ material that’s lightweight and breathable to keep you feeling fresh even after a long day in the sun.

Cooling Vests for Men and Women

Designed for workers who need high visibility and low body temperatures, our Mobile Cooling® Hydrologic® Pro Cooling Vest does it all. If you want to stay cool at the core but don’t need reflective material, our Mobile Cooling® Hydrologic® Cooling Vest is perfect. Each cooling vest can be used with our Mobile Cooling® Ice Packs for an ice cooling vest that provides additional (and incredible) heat relief.

Cooling Accessories Take Summer Comfort to the Next Level 

Complete your cooling outfit with cooling accessories to ensure complete comfort and sun protection all summer long! 

Cooling Neck Gaiter

With Fieldsheer’s cooling neck gaiter, you stay cool no matter the outdoor pursuit. Designed with Drirelease® GEO Cool stretch Knit fabric that keeps you cool by reducing your skin’s temperature by up to 7°, you won’t have to worry about your neck getting sunburnt. Our cooling neck gaiter even includes UPF 50+ sun protection to prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your skin.

Cooling Neck Bands

Another option for keeping your neck cool is our cooling neck bands. Perfect to use when working out or going on a long run or hike, the cooling neck bands use water-activated cooling technology for an immediate evaporative cooling effect. 

Cooling Skull Cap

Don’t let your scalp suffer during a heat wave! The water-activated cooling skull cap provides the utmost heat relief, full head coverage, and protection from the sun you need on days where the sun just won’t quit. You’ll love that it dries quickly, all while pulling sweat away from your face.

Cooling Face Mask

Never again do you have to feel like your face mask is making your body temperature rise. Our cooling face mask is designed to help you breathe easy and stay cool while protecting yourself and others. And since it’s designed with Odorsheer™ anti-odor technology it’ll stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Cooling Towel

Last but certainly not least is our cooling towel, AKA the perfect sidekick to any outdoor adventure. Available in five fun colors, the cooling towel uses all of our best cooling technology to keep you cool, protected, dry, and comfortable for your summer in the sun.

Shop Fieldsheer’s new Mobile Cooling® products today, and get your hands on the best cooling technology you can count on all summer long!

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