How Battery-Operated Heated Vests are Revolutionizing Cold Weather Comfort

Those who spend lots of time outdoors know how chilly it can get when winter weather arrives. But don't shiver through freezing temperatures - warm up with a heated vest like the top-quality choices from Fieldsheer. Let's take a closer look at this comfortable and useful item of clothing and how it works.

What is a Heated Vest?

Heated vests are a comfortable, versatile piece of clothing designed to provide an extra warming boost beyond the typical passive insulation of ordinary vests. The technology works by integrating powerful heating elements directly into the clothing as it's crafted, typically focusing on areas of the body that need the most warming, like the top of the chest and back. These heating elements are connected to a power source, typically a rechargeable battery like those made from lithium-ion. Better options usually offer a convenient control mechanism to allow wearers to easily select their preferred temperature, whether it's just high and low settings or an option offering finer control.

Are Heated Vests Worth It?

If you love spending time outdoors in wintertime or have work and other responsibilities bring you out in frigid temperatures, there's no doubt that a heated vest is a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe. They provide that critical added comfort that helps you push through the chill for an extra run down the slopes, a few extra miles on the trail, or another few hours to cap off a big project. Heated vests are perfect on their own or as a valuable layer in a more customizable winter outfit.

Meanwhile, diverse styles mean you won't have to sacrifice your look to stay warm, either. Compared to bulky jackets or overstuffed traditional vests, heated vests also offer an improved ability to move, a critical factor for active wearers. In addition, top heated vests are typically fairly durable, allowing your investment in warmth to pay off for many winters ahead.

Stay Cozy in Fieldsheer Mobile Warming Heated Vests

Don't sit around wondering or doing endless research to figure out what is the best heated vest. Smart shoppers know they'll find the top heated clothing from Fieldsheer's line of Mobile Warming apparel. Numerous styles are available to meet any need, from stylish women's heated vests like the Cascade or Peak to a mix of men's heated vests, which include the camouflaged KCX Terrain and the Foreman 2.0, which provides a rugged exterior perfect for all sorts of cold-weather work. 

All can be easily adjusted over a wide temperature range (typically 90 degrees Fahrenheit to around 135 degrees) through reliable, waterproof touch control buttons. But many go even further, able to be controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth, using the convenient MW Connect app. High-quality lithium-ion batteries provide up to 9-10 hours of warmth on a single charge, which takes just a few hours via USB.

Many also offer passive comfort- and performance-focused features, like water-resistant WaterPell coatings, Sweatsheer moisture-wicking materials, and Zapsheer anti-static technology. Meanwhile, the unique Windshark fabric provides a perfect choice for additional versatility in less frigid weather. These stylish pieces of apparel also look as good as they perform. What is the best heated vest? The obvious answer is the Fieldsheer Mobile Warming heated vest that meets your needs.

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