Meyer Shank Racing 2024 Clothing Sponsored by Fieldsheer

At Fieldsheer, we are thrilled to be the official cooling and heated apparel partner of Meyer Shank Racing, a contender in the NTT IndyCar Series and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Our partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to technical excellence, equips the team with cutting-edge Mobile Warming® and Mobile Cooling® apparel.

Our association allows Meyer Shank to excel in the IndyCar season's diverse climates, extending from early February to late September. Our Fieldsheer apparel's high-quality technical performance allows team members to perform optimally in unpredictable weather at race locations. We've designed our gear for function and the conditions seen in the rigors of race day, embodying the spirit of both Fieldsheer and Meyer Shank Racing.

Meyer Shank Racing Apparel for the 2024 Season

At Fieldsheer, our partnership commitment is to enhance the performance of the Meyer Shank Racing team with our specialized clothing lines. From early morning preparations to the final lap, our apparel ensures comfort and functionality. We hand-picked each piece with the racer in mind, blending advanced fabric technologies with the challenging demands of IndyCar racing.

Mobile Cooling® Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt With DriComfort in Black

We engineered our Mobile Cooling® Men's Short Sleeve Shirt with features that satisfy the high-octane demands of racing, providing Meyer Shank Racing team members with unmatched comfort and functionality. Integrated with Fieldsheer’s advanced DriComfort® GEO 365 technology, our shirt utilizes mineral-infused fibers that significantly improve moisture evaporation and thermal regulation.

The Mobile Cooling® shirt features UPF 50 sun protection, Odorsheer® odor control, and Sweatsheer® moisture-wicking capabilities. Its durable design holds up under stress, and its sleek, black aesthetic captures the speed and precision of IndyCar racing.

Mobile Cooling® Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt With DriComfort in Black

Our Mobile Cooling® Men's Long Sleeve Shirt is a core element for an auto racing team member, a runner, or a cyclist. Also outfitted with Fieldsheer's DriComfort® GEO 365 technology, the mineral-infused fabric helps dissipate sweat and heat in the burning temperatures of the track and the cooler northern climates.

Our UPF 50 protection safeguards against harmful UV rays, while the Odorsheer® and Sweatsheer® technologies keep odors and moisture at bay to keep the Meyer Shank team fresh and focused. Its breathable design features ventilated mesh areas, boosting airflow and comfort during long hours on the track or in the pit.

Mobile Cooling® Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt 1/4 Zip With DriComfort in Black

We strive to keep the Meyer Shank Racing team cool and agile under the varying temperatures of race day with our Mobile Cooling® Men's Long Sleeve Polo Shirt. This shirt features a versatile 1/4 zip that allows for quick ventilation adjustments. It combines Fieldsheer's DriComfort® GEO 365 technology with a stylish and practical design.

The mineral-infused fabric provides exceptional moisture management and thermal regulation. With UPF 50 sun protection and enhanced breathability through ventilated mesh zones, this shirt keeps comfort and performance in first place.

Backcountry Heated Men’s Jacket in Black

Auto racing gear needs to be functional and stylish for changing outdoor conditions and on-camera pit stops. We have equipped our Backcountry Heated Men’s Jacket with Mobile Warming® technology and insulated it with Primaloft® synthetic down. This jacket delivers targeted warmth through a sophisticated heating system that crew members can control via Bluetooth® from the MW Connect™ app.

The lightweight, water-resistant design provides mobility and protection against the elements, making it ideal for brisk race days. Its tri-zone heating system strategically places heat across the chest and back, preserving core temperature so that the team can focus and perform during prerace preparations and post-race activities.

Backcountry Men’s Heated Vest in Black

Our Backcountry Men’s Heated Vest is an indispensable tool for pit crews, specially designed to meet the challenges of cold-weather racing conditions. Featuring Mobile Warming® technology powered by a low-profile 7.4-volt battery, this vest provides adjustable, sustained warmth that maintains body heat during the unpredictable conditions of race days.

The vest's Primaloft® synthetic down insulation and Waterpell™ water-resistant shell offer additional protection against the elements, making sure that Meyer Shank Racing team members stay dry and warm. Its streamlined design allows for maximum mobility and quick movements in high-pressure situations.

Primer Men’s Heated Shirt

We’ve tailored our Primer Men’s Heated Shirt for outdoor sports competitors like the Meyer Shank Racing team. Equipped with Mobile Warming® technology and controlled via Bluetooth® for precise temperature adjustment, this base layer promotes optimal comfort and performance.

Integrated heating elements strategically placed at the chest and back deliver consistent heat. Plus, its stretch fabric and anti-odor properties keep team members comfortable and focused. It is an important piece of gear for maintaining core temperatures in the demanding world of IndyCar racing.

Mobile Cooling® Meyer Shank Racing Authentic Team Jersey (IMSA/Acura and Indy Car)

Our Mobile Cooling® Meyer Shank Racing Authentic Team Jersey showcases the spirit of endurance and precision required in the fast-paced environment of motor sports. It features advanced Mobile Cooling® technology to keep all team members cool under the high pressures of race day. With Sunsheer™ UPF 50 protection, it guards against harmful UV rays, while Odorsheer™ and Sweatsheer™ technologies keep the wearer fresh and dry.

The authentic team jersey is part of the Meyer Shank racing apparel collection, and it showcases vibrant logos and features a sleek design. It mirrors what the drivers and crew wear, and now you can proudly display your team support with one of your own.

Fieldsheer for the Meyer Shank Racing 2024 Team and You

At Fieldsheer, we pride ourselves on equipping the Meyer Shank team with apparel that withstands the rigors of racing, ensuring peak performance and maximum comfort. Our Backcountry Heated and Mobile Cooling® lines’ advanced features make it ideal for prerace checks in the brisk early hours and adrenaline-pumping pit stops in the midday heat.

Fieldsheer clothing is all about embracing a lifestyle of innovation and performance. Racing professionals prefer our gear for its seamless blend of comfort and cutting-edge technology, ensuring they can concentrate on the race, not on what they're wearing. Contact us today to learn more about how Fieldsheer's partnership with Meyer Shank Racing is a testament to the quality and functionality of our gear.
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