Stay Warm While Social Distancing

There's no denying that fresh air is good for the soul (not to mention our immune systems). So when you want to get together with friends and family in a safe and COVID-friendly way, why not plan some socially distanced activities you can enjoy outdoors? Not only is it totally acceptable, it’s encouraged! Medical experts agree that participating in outdoor social distancing activities during covid are much safer than indoor social distancing activities. 

To help, we’ve got a few tips up our heated sleeves that can help make your outdoor activities during COVID a success.

Tips for Staying Warm During Outdoor Social Distancing Activities

Dress for Success

The best way to stay warm in the cold? Wearing the right layers. Anytime you’re out in the cold your first mission should be retaining your body heat (or generating more of it). Too many layers and you could overheat, too little layers and you could freeze. When dressing for outdoor socially distant activities, aim for a moisture-wicking baselayer. Or, get the best of both worlds with men’s heated base layers or women’s heated base layers, designed to wick moisture while delivering heat to your body when you need it. Over baselayers and covering your fingers and toes should be ultra-warm layers designed to trap in heat while keeping the elements out. Men’s heated clothing and women’s heated clothing like jackets and vests will provide extra heat when you want it while blocking out rain, wind and sweat. Heated gloves and heated socks are also excellent ways to keep your digits warm and cozy so you can fully enjoy your time outside.

Play Mind Games...With Yourself

Did you know that you can trick yourself into feeling warm? It’s true! Researchers at the University of Southampton claim that nostalgic thoughts can actually increase our intolerance to the cold. Survival experts also suggest the tactic of simply acknowledging your body’s sensations while out in the cold, but not dwelling on them. Of course, this isn’t to say you should ignore clear signs that your body is in distress, either from overheating or the beginning stages of hypothermia. but simply acknowledging the chilly sensations you feel and moving on can help curb some of that dread and despair you’d otherwise obsess over.

And Move Around!

Moving your body is one of the best ways to get your blood pumping and generate heat. If your outdoor activities during COVID don’t already consist of physical exercise or movement, be sure you’re moving around on your own to keep your muscles warm and your body temperature where it needs to be.

Eat, Drink & Be Warm

During digestion, protein actually produces a thermogenic effect in your body, and high calorie, high fat treats give your body more energy to burn and convert into heat. This means you can actually experience warmth by eating! Be sure to incorporate protein, fat or calorie-rich meals and hot drinks in your social distancing activities, or pack your own if you’re outside for long periods of time.

Build a Structure

If your socially distant activities are taking place in the backyard, give your guests a reprieve from cold winds or the elements with a roof or lean-to structure. While it may take a bit of planning ahead of time, building a structure can help minimize the chances of exposure to wind, water or snow. For added comfort, consider rolling out a weatherproof rug for your guests to stand on instead of the frozen ground or cold concrete.

Add a Heating Source

In order to stay open during COVID, many restaurants installed tower-style outdoor heaters to keep outdoor diners warm and comfortable. You can do the same, either with outdoor heaters, portable fire pits, a simple fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Staying warm during your outdoor, socially distanced activities has never been easier than with Fieldsheer heated apparel. With bluetooth-controlled heat settings and real-time battery updates on many of our products, you’ll find that getting warm and staying warm is the easiest part of your adventure. Shop today to discover the ways our tech-infused heated apparel will change the way you experience the cold.

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