Many of us are familiar with the saying, “The secret to a happy life is warm feet and a warm heart.” Thanks to Fieldsheer, a technology company that produces high-quality, heated apparel under the Mobile Warming® brand, and several warm-hearted companies, warmer feet will become a reality for people in need. Through the “Feet First” program, over 11,000 pairs of socks are being donated to a number of charitable organizations. The socks are being donated by businesses affiliated with Fieldsheer, including several of Fieldsheer’s retail customers. That number will continue to grow, as the program will run through 12/31/23.

Participating companies are presenting their sock donations to local charities of their choosing. Companies involved include D&B Supply, C-A-L Ranch, North 40 Outfitters, Ranch & Home, Al‘s Sporting Goods, L&M Fleet Supply, Buchheits, Theisens, Runnings, and Vance Outdoors. In addition, NBC-TV affiliate WGRZ and Northtown Auto, located in Buffalo, NY, will participate in the Feet First campaign. The businesses taking part in the program received various quantities of heated socks from Fieldsheer, then earmarked them for charities that can ensure they reach the people in need served by these organizations.