Hydrologic Plus takes our cooling systems to the next level with the ability to add ice packs to our rugged evaporative gear
Innovative Evaporative Cooling Fabrics
Hydrologic’s remarkable evaporative fabrics release heat through evaporative technology
Durable Construction
Built to handle the toughest conditions from work site to trail
Lasting Performance
Evaporative cooling provides comfort in all conditions for over 3 hours
Simple Care
Anti-wrinkle, Anti-stacic, Anti-Microbial, Machine Safe
Ice pack and H20 Technology
Combine the cooling effects of Hydrologic Ice Packs with Powerful Evaporative Technology
Hydrologic Plus combines our powerful evaporative cooling technology with rapid-action ice packs to bring the core temperature back to safe levels in minutes. Designed specifically to be used in conjunction with our full line of Hydrologic garments, Hydrologic Plus takes our innovative cooling fabrics to the next level. By removing latent heat through the evaporative process and dropping internal temperature through contact with ice packs, Hydrologic can keep you safe no matter the temperature or conditions. Heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and over-exertion at high temperatures can be dangerous, and Hydrologic Plus keeps the core temperature low while providing comfortable cooling for the skin. Our easy to clean and rugged construction ensures lasting performance, and our anti-microbial fabric keeps odor-causing bacteria from growing.

Evaporative technology mimics the natural process for removing body heat and keeping the internal temperature in a safe range. Combining Hydrologic Plus's ice packs provides powerful cooling technology and exceptional safety in high temperatures. By slowly absorbing external heat and releasing it to keep the skin cool, the ice packs offer immediate relief from dangerous heat conditions providing long-lasting comfort in even the most extreme heat.

Designed to provide comfort and protection for any outdoor activity from construction to recreation, Hydrologic Plus is the leading cooling solution for exposure to high temperatures. Hydrologic Plus maintains a safe internal temperature without sacrificing performance or durability by providing balanced cooling across the skin's surface. Hydrologic Plus keeps you outdoors longer while delivering protection from extreme heat or exposure to the elements.