Designed for on-the-go use Mobile Cooling Hydrologic provides fast relief in the harshest conditions
Advanced Evaporation Technology Accelerates Cooling
Hydrologic’s Mobile Cooling technology ensures cool comfort no matter where you go
Heavy-Duty Construction
Built to last under even the toughest conditions
Balanced Cooling Brings Core Temperature Down
Keep your internal temperature at a safe range in extreme heat
Effortless Care
Anti-Microbial fabric kills odor causing bacteria and machine wash for easy care
Powerful Cooling Action
By advancing evaporation Hydrologic Mobile Cooling provides cooling relief in seconds

Easy to activate, simply wet it, wring it, snap it, and you have immediate relief from the highest temperatures. Our neck gaiters, Hydrologic vests, hi-vis shirts, and other products provide another layer of protection from high temperatures and the potential for heat exhaustion. Mobile Cooling Hydrologic products provide quick relief during the harshest conditions by rapidly bringing the core temperature down.

Designed for both professional and recreational use, our anti-microbial fabric quickly draws heat away from the skin, providing instant relief, which kills odor-causing bacteria immediately. Hydrologic Vests contain a water-activated cooling gel on their interior that draws heat away and keeps you in the field longer. Our Mobile Cooling Hydrologic products are easy to maintain and built to last, providing long lasting comfort for any outdoor task.

Mobile Cooling Hydrologic absorbs excess water and perspiration from the skin and releases this heat accelerating the evaporative process and providing rapid relief to reduce exposure to heat stress. Combine our fast-acting ice packs for instant results and long-lasting comfort for over three hours in even the harshest conditions. Because Mobile Cooling Hydrologic works by drawing heat away from the body, it allows you to stay cool longer even when performing strenuous labor or your favorite outdoor activity.

Long periods spent in high temperatures or direct sunlight can increase the internal temperature to dangerous levels. Mobile Cooling Hydrologic mitigates the risk of suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.