Mobile Warming® Technology Makes Men's Heated Hoodies Unlike Any Others

Mobile Warming® Technology Makes Men's Heated Hoodies Unlike Any Others

When the cold-weather workday calls for your warmest apparel, Mobile Warming® Men’s Heated Hoodies have you covered.

There's nothing like the Mobile Warming® Men’s Heated Hoodie. This easy-to-use heating system results from more than 15 years of testing and research to create the perfect warming system for everyday comfort.

The advanced warming tech that powers our heated hoodies is a clothing innovation breaking the barriers of what everyday apparel can do. Powered by a 7.4v rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can provide four separate heat settings from 135 degrees Fahrenheit on high to 90 degrees on low for custom warmth when and where you need it most.

This soothing warmth is spread through three zones on your front and back, designed to keep your core cozy. It can even run for up to ten hours on one single charge. The warming begins with just the touch of a button on the garment—or app—for our Bluetooth-enabled hoodies.

Conquer the Cold Without Compromising Comfort

High-tech heating capabilities is only one impressive feature of our apparel. Our cutting-edge performance hoodies are designed to eliminate the bulkiness experienced in typical winter wear, allowing you to tackle the day ahead without compromising mobility or comfort.

Available in both heated pullover hoodie and heated zip-up hoodie models and from size small to 3XL, it’s never been easier to find the perfect fit for long days outside. Color choices range from work-safe high-vis yellow and blaze orange to classic black and grey perfect for work or play.

These carefully designed hoodies also keep you dry with Sweatsheer™ moisture-wicking mesh liners. Some even have built-in flashlights for working, hunting, or other low-light pursuits. And despite their high-tech nature, Mobile Warming® Men’s Heated Hoodies and Zip-Ups are durable and machine washable.

Shop Mobile Warming® Men’s Heated Hoodies Today

Shop Mobile Warming® Men’s Heated Hoodies today and feel for yourself why more and more people are never going back to old-school sweatshirts and winter wear. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our line of men’s heated jackets and men’s heated vests for even more cold-weather apparel. For warm weather, you’ll love our men’s cooling clothing collection. Shop now!
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