Hydrologic® 冷却ベスト

暑い気候のための究極の冷却技術で作られた Fieldsheer の Hydrologic® 氷冷ベストは、太陽の下で長時間涼しく過ごせるように設計されています。仕事でも遊びでも、冷却ベストは暖かい天候下でも安全で快適な状態を保ちます。 冷却ネックゲートル冷却タオルと一緒に氷冷却ベストを着用してください。 >、そしてあなたは次のレベルの温度調節に向かいます.

冷却ベストとモバイル クーリング® アイスパックを組み合わせれば、さらなる安心感が得られます! 男性用冷却服および女性用冷却服の幅広いセレクションから、あらゆるアウトドア活動に最適な冷却ベストを見つけてください。 .

Hydrologic® 冷却ベスト

Hydrologic® 冷却ベスト

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Hydrologic Cooling Vests For Sale Online

In the scorching summer heat or under the relentless workday sun, staying cool isn't just about comfort. It's also about safety. Heat stress can seriously affect our health and well-being, affecting everything from performance to focus. FieldSheer has crafted a range of Hydrologic® Cooling Vests for men and women, designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and safe in the most intense heat.

Why Staying Cool Matters

Nowadays, many workers have outdoor jobs that demand physical exertion throughout all four seasons. When you're sweating in unforgiving heat, you might feel like there's no way to cool down, despite how important it is to keep our bodies cool.

Overheating poses significant risks to our health. On the one hand, mild discomfort is common in hot weather, but exerting yourself in the summer sun can also result in life-threatening conditions like heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

When our bodies become overheated, they struggle to maintain a safe internal temperature, resulting in fatigue, dizziness, nausea, or loss of consciousness. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures without adequate cooling measures can seriously affect physical health and cognitive function.

How Cooling Vests Protect Against Heat-Related Illness

Hydrologic® cooling vests regulate body temperature by directly providing a targeted cooling effect to the body's core. When your body is cool and comfortable, you can concentrate, react quickly, and make sound decisions.

Additionally, heat stress can impair your judgment and coordination, increasing your risk for accidents or injuries. When you prioritize comfort and safety, you contribute to a safer environment.

The Technology Behind Hydrologic® Cooling Vests

You need an innovative solution to reduce the risk of impeded performance due to heat-related illness or injury. Cooling vest technology is the game-changer for comfort and safety in hot conditions. FieldSheer offers cutting-edge technology with its cooling vests.

The Ins and Outs of Cooling Vest Technology

FieldSheer's Hydrologic® Cooling Vests utilize a special water-absorbent fabric that releases water through evaporation, providing instant relief from the heat. The Super Absorbent Polymer interlining ensures that the cooling effect is not temporary. Instead, it maintains its cooling properties for up to five hours.

With convenience and durability in mind, we designed the cooling vests to be easy to care for, machine washable, and wrinkle-resistant. They were initially designed to give motorcycle riders relief from the heat.

However, it has become a more versatile tool for anyone who faces hot summer days, including workers. To experience the full effect, saturate the vest in water for one to two minutes, wring out the excess water, and wear it over your clothing.

If you want to boost the cooling properties, try Mobile Cooling Ice Packs. You can insert the optional ice packs into the vest to enhance the effect.

Features of Cooling Vests

FieldSheer's Hydrologic® Cooling Vests boast a range of features designed to enhance your comfort, including:

  • Lightweight Design: Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome cooling vests. FieldSheer's Hydrologic® Cooling Vests are lightweight and breathable, ensuring you stay cool without feeling weighed down.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: The vests include high-quality, moisture-wicking fabrics that pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • Sun Protection: Vests include UPF 30 protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Odor Protection: Odorsheer technology that protects against microbes and improves freshness.
  • Easy to Use: Soak the vest in water for a few minutes, wring out any excess, and you're ready to go. The Hydrologic® cooling technology does the rest, providing instant relief from the heat.

Style of Cooling Vests

Our cooling vests are designed for comfort, practicality, and style. We have cooling vests for men and women and vests in various colors, including gray, khaki, and burgundy. Each vest is 100% polyester quilted fabric with optional 3-phase removable cooling packs and phase-changing zones.

Our men's and women's vests include a comfortable, V-style neck with front zipper closure. Additionally, all vests have stretchy knit sides to fit comfortably and allow for a full range of motion.

We also have an ANSI Class 2 certified high-visibility cooling vest for those who work outdoors on challenging job sites.

Explore Our Collection of FieldSheer Hydrologic Cooling Vests

At FieldSheer, we design our Hydrologic® cooling vests for everyone, whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast, an outdoor worker, or just like to stay active in the sun. Physical activity in excessive heat can turn extremely dangerous to your physical and cognitive health.

To protect yourself, you can use cooling vests. Not only do they allow you to keep working, but they can prevent a medical emergency. At FieldSheer, we ensure all of our Hydrologic® cooling vests are made to be high-quality. Check out our website for various cooling vest options.