Arbetskläder för män

När du arbetar utomhus är din utrustning, din skyddsutrustning och dina kläder mer än en eftertanke, och att vara säker och bekväm är det främsta målet. Fieldsheers arbetskläder för män är designade för att ge komfort hela dagen i alla förhållanden.

Mellan den robusta hållbarheten och den senaste Mobile Warming®-tekniken erbjuder våra uppvärmda herrkläder oöverträffad värme, komfort och hållbarhet exakt när du behöver det som mest. Från uppvärmda strumpor och kläder till svalkande herrkläder och svalkande halsdamasker för att hjälpa dig slå sommarvärmen, andra arbetskläder för män kan helt enkelt inte konkurrera med Fieldsheer. Handla idag!

Arbetskläder för män

Arbetskläder för män

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Heated Workwear

When most people start to feel the winter chill, they hurry inside. But for the hardworking folks who work outdoors or in other cold-temperature environments, that's simply not an option. That's where Fieldsheer Mobile Warming heated workwear comes in. As a trusted producer of high-quality gear for more than four decades, Fieldsheer Mobile Warming workwear brings the same combination of style and versatility buyers expect, combined with an added boost of durability. Plus, heating elements integrated into the garment provide adjustable, targeted warmth where you need it most, and run off a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some can even be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth using the MW Connect smartphone app. 

Durable and Versatile Heated Jackets

It doesn't matter where the chill is creeping in - there's a Mobile Warming garment to keep you cozy. For many, a heated workwear jacket can provide the perfect piece of apparel for long, frigid days on the job, whether you're working overtime at the construction site, manning a refrigerated warehouse, directing traffic, or anything else. Options like the UTW Pro and UTW Pro Plus Jackets are crafted with a tough, water-resistant, polyester twill outer shell that still allows freedom of movement. A quilted interior liner provides extra insulation, while Zapsheer anti-static technology keeps you safe on the job. Workers who need the most rugged protection can opt for the Foreman 2.0 heated workwear jacket or vest, which features a durable five-ounce cotton shell, rib-knit cuff and waist, and premium features like a heavy-duty zipper and carefully located pockets. 

High Visibility for Safety

For those who need to be seen while on the job, in addition to staying warm, check out the Mobile Warming hi-vis offerings. These range from full-zip jackets and pullovers to rainproof hi-vis pants in easy-to-spot colors, typically enhanced with reflective strips for additional visibility. 

Heated Accessories for Hands and Feet

Don't forget your extremities, either! Fieldsheer Mobile Warming has your hands and feet covered, too. Heated Merino wool socks combine the moisture-wicking and natural anti-odor benefits of the fabric with active heating elements, while heated insoles turn any footwear into a warm and cozy option. Protect your hands with heated workwear gloves like the goatskin leather Ranger or the reinforced Blacksmith (complete with an anti-slip palm), both of which are touchscreen-compatible and waterproof. Or, try Mobile Warming heated glove liners, designed to work with your favorite gloves.

Invest in Fieldsheer Mobile Warming for Reliable Warmth

As the winter season approaches, don't let the cold dictate your outdoor activities or work productivity. Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming heated workwear is engineered for those who brave the elements, offering unparalleled warmth, durability, and style. With over four decades of expertise in crafting high-quality heated apparel, we ensure that every piece from our collection meets the rigorous demands of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our advanced heating technology, powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, provides consistent, adjustable warmth directly where you need it, ensuring you remain comfortable and focused, no matter the weather. 

For added convenience, select models feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless control through the MW Connect smartphone app. Whether you're on a construction site, directing traffic, or enjoying winter sports, Fieldsheer has the perfect solution to keep you warm and visible in all conditions. Don't compromise on your comfort or safety this winter. Explore Fieldsheer's men's collection for the ultimate in heated workwear, and for any inquiries or to discover more about how our products can transform your cold-weather experience, please don't hesitate to contact us today.