Uppvärmda västar för kvinnor

Fieldsheers uppvärmda västar för kvinnor är det perfekta extra lagret för alla äventyr. Mobile Warming Bluetooth®-funktioner erbjuder 11 timmars justerbar värme med en fingertryckning genom vår kostnadsfria MW Connect™-app. Du kommer att älska vår version av den klassiska dunvästen i den formsydda, uppvärmda summitvästen med ankdun, erbjuder komfort och värme som är oöverträffad. Utomhusäventyrare önskar att de hittade våra Cascade and Company uppvärmda västar tidigare, som är designade med Wind-Shark®-skydd från vind, regn och vatten. Oavsett väder har Fieldsheer uppvärmda damkläder för alla tillfällen.

Uppvärmda västar för kvinnor

Uppvärmda västar för kvinnor

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Women’s Heated Vests for Work and Play

From sunrise job sites and farmwork to sunset hikes and late night football games, Fieldsheer’s Mobile Warming® heated vests for women work overtime to keep you warm and comfortable in any situation.  


Created with our Mobile Warming® Fieldsheer technology, our collection of heated vests for women are a must-have for any woman who wants some extra warmth when working outside or enjoying the great outdoors in colder weather. 


Our collection of heated vests come in multiple styles and can provide warmth for up to 10 hours depending on the model. When not utilizing the heating elements, Fieldsheer heated vests for women are still the perfect option when you need an extra layer to keep warm.


Designed for Everyday Use

Fieldsheer’s Mobile Warming® collection of heated women’s vests offers functional comfort for every need. Not only do we utilize best-in-class technology to keep you warm, we also know that basic functionality is just as important as cutting-edge technology.


These battery-powered vests for women not only provide comfort, but they also feature everything you need in a vest. Depending on the model, our vests include zippered internal and external pockets, synthetic down for natural warmth, Sweatsheer™ moisture-wicking layers, and much more. 


Many heated vests feature bulky designs tailored to men. At Fieldsheer, we offer a selection of women’s heated vests based on the latest styles, so you can stay warm and look great. 


Don’t Let the Cold Stop You

Nobody likes being cold, which is why Fieldsheer is here with the perfect solution. Our heated vests for women keep your core warm, allowing your heart and lungs to efficiently pump blood and oxygen to your extremities, helping to prevent cold fatigue so you can continue to enjoy being outside. 


Shop our collection of women’s heated vests today to maximize comfort in even the coldest conditions.