Are There Any Nicer Hi-Vis Apparel Options?

Anyone who works around traffic or heavy equipment must be highly visible. In addition to the basic safety needs, there are also regulations in place across the country concerning brightness, reflectivity, and other hi-vis clothing regulations

However, many regulation hi-vis gear available today lacks comfort and functionality, which begs the question: are there any nicer hi-vis apparel options out there?

In fact, there are. But before we get into that, let’s chat about the basics of hi-vis clothing regulations, construction, and finally, what hi-vis alternatives are available to make your work day safer and more comfortable.

What Are Hi-Vis Vests Made From?

ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 sets limitations on what can be worn around roadways traveled by the public by working persons. These are meant to protect the workers, but if you have ever worn one of these vests in the heat of a summer afternoon, you’ve likely experienced a lack breathability or cooling support when it matters most. You have also probably wished for something that isn't so hot, is more functional, and maybe even looks a bit better.

The reflective parts of hi-vis clothing are made from plastic vinyl that contains small reflective prisms. The bulk of the vests are made from similar, non-breathable materials, making them especially hot in warm weather. Some are formed with a net-like mash that lets the air flow, but most are of solid construction.

How Many Classes of Hi-Vis Apparel are There?

There are three classes of ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 approved hi-vis clothing classed according to the proportions of the fluorescent material and reflective tape. They are as follows:

  • Class 1: Fluorescent material: 0.14 sqm Reflective tape: 0.10 sqm - Offering the lowest reflective visibility, Class 1 includes hi-vis pants worn separately.

  • Class 2: Fluorescent material: 0.50 sqm Reflective tape: 0.13 sqm - Considered the intermediate level, this class includes sleeveless, hi-vis shirts.


  • Class 3: Fluorescent material: 0.80 sqm Reflective tape: 0.20 sqm - Offering the highest level of visibility, Class 3 includes full-sized long-sleeved jackets and hi-vis vests.

The good news is that for high visibility, reflective clothing to meet official re-hi-vis clothing regulations, the only requirement is that the proportions of the fluorescent material and reflective tape match those of the approved class. The proportions of the reflectivity must meet the class rating, and the class rating must be a match for the type of work and location where the work is being performed.


What does this mean for you? It means you have options. It means you can get hi-vis clothing that meets the regulations, is more comfortable, and maybe even look better than what you usually see road crews wearing. Wondering where to buy hi-vis clothing near you that can better support your comfort and safety throughout the day? Stay where you are because Fieldsheer has you covered.

Hi-Vis Clothing from Fieldsheer

Fieldsheer offers all you need when it comes to high-visibility outerwear. Our Hi-Vis Apparel meets all three classes of the American National Standard. Better still, they are more functional, stylish, and comfortable than many of today’s regulation hi-vis apparel options.

Hi-Vis Hoodie

Fieldsheer's Men’s Hi-Vis Heated Pullover Hoodie is a must-have for anyone who works outdoors and requires Hi-Vis clothing to comply with safety regulations. This Class 3 compliant hoodie features an ANSI-Certified hi-vis reflective outer layer that protects construction workers on job sites or roadways where highly visible clothing is essential. The hoodie's Mobile Warming® Technology provides even, consistent heat across the chest and back to keep your core temperature safe and let you get the job done.

Four distinct heat settings allow for full customization and comfort, and a single charge can provide up to 10 hours of lasting warmth. The drawcord closure on the hood offers an extra layer of protection from high winds, rain, snow, or other harsh winter conditions. The lightweight Powersheer battery is sure to be appreciated, and the durable cotton/poly blend construction is built to last and deliver unparalleled performance day in and day out.

Hi-Vis Vest

When the warm weather months demand the most breathable layers you have, the Men’s Mobile Cooling® Hi-Vis Vest delivers unparalleled safety and comfort. 

This Class 2 high-visibility safety vest is intelligently constructed with quilted Hydrologic® absorption and evaporative cooling technology for all-day comfort in any heat. This hi-vis vest is also built with UV protection, anti-microbial technology, and moisture-wicking technology to keep workers comfortable and dry. 

The flexible side knit and front zipper ensure a customized fit, while the removable phase change Cooling Ice Packs offer even more cooling options when the mid-day sun won’t quit. And the best part? This vest is easy to care for, making it a valuable addition to any worker's warm-weather wardrobe.

Shop Hi-Vis & Other Outdoor Essentials at Fieldsheer Today

Don't sacrifice comfort and style for safety on the job. Upgrade your hi-vis apparel with Fieldsheer's functional, stylish, and comfortable options that meet all hi-vis clothing regulations. 

When the day ahead calls for more casual layers, our Heated Vests and puffer jackets, like the Backcountry Heated Jacket, are lightweight, ultra-warm alternatives to hi-vis apparel. With their casual designs, Primaloft® insulating fibers, and hours of Bluetooth-enabled heat, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities in unparalleled comfort and style. Upgrade your outdoor wardrobe today with Fieldsheer heated apparel!

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