Staying Safe and Warm: The Evolution of Heated High-Vis Workwear

When winter weather gets too frigid, most people can take refuge inside. But that's not the case for those who work in these freezing temperatures, whether they're doing construction, maintaining roads, manning a warehouse, or working as a first responder in emergencies. They've got to stick it out even as the mercury plunges while also staying visible to others around them. That's where heated high-vis workwear comes in, including the many great options from Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming line. Let's explore what you need to know.

How Does Heated Workwear Work?

With most typical workwear, the only things protecting you from the bone-chilling air are a few passive insulating features, like the fill of a jacket or wind-resistant materials that help conserve body heat. But heated workwear takes this up a notch, weaving heating elements directly into the construction of vests, jackets, gloves, socks, and more. These are carefully located for maximum warming ability. They're powered by a battery, typically a rechargeable variety for convenience. Higher-end heated workwear provides multiple options for temperature settings as well.

Meanwhile, these features come alongside the typical durability-focused elements of workwear and visibility-oriented ones of high-vis clothing.

Why High-Vis?

High-Vis workwear is critical in a variety of settings where your safety (or even your life) may depend on people being able to know exactly where you are at all times. These include working outside at night or in potentially hazardous areas, like along the side of busy roads. A mix of bright, hard-to-miss colors like fluorescent yellow, orange, or green works alongside reflective material that catches even small beams of light to dramatically improve visibility. Not only are they a good idea for safety, but they may even be required by regulations or job site rules. In some cases, constantly seeing the high-vis material can serve as a reminder to be extra vigilant about safety and preventing accidents.

The Benefits of High-Vis Heated Winter Wear

So why combine these two valuable attributes into one piece of clothing? Here are a few reasons every cold weather worker will appreciate.

More Comfort

Even the most resilient construction workers, road crew members, and other outdoor professionals don't relish the idea of being cold while on the job. Heated high-vis workwear offers a vital solution, providing a much-needed boost of heat precisely when it's needed. This not only improves mood and performance but also offers a practical alternative to layering up. With heated workwear, you can easily switch the extra warmth on and off, adapting effortlessly to changing conditions and maintaining optimal comfort throughout your workday.

More Stamina

Being warmer doesn't just enhance your work performance; it also extends your capacity to work for longer periods. This proves particularly beneficial during peak seasons or when you're on a tight deadline to complete a project. The added warmth not only keeps you comfortable but also supports sustained productivity, even during extended work hours.

A Safer Work Experience

Workplace safety is no joke. High-vis workwear ensures your colleagues and everyone nearby can see you and are aware of your location. It's just another crucial part of helping everyone get a good day's work done and go home safely.

No Better Choice for Cold Weather Workwear Than Fieldsheer

There are plenty of heated workwear options out there, but with something so crucial, it's vital to pick the best. Fieldsheer Mobile Warming heated options run the gamut from warehouse workwear to cold weather gear for construction workers. This diverse, durable collection of men's heated workwear includes versatile pieces like a high-vis pullover hoodie, high-vis jacket, and high-vis heated rain jacket. This latter option can even be controlled via Bluetooth from your convenient MWConnect smartphone app. Meanwhile, all enjoy the Zapsheer anti-static technology for additional workplace safety, alongside other features like Sweatsheer moisture wicking, Waterpell water resistance, and Rainguard waterproofing. Don't risk your security and comfort with any old heated high-vis workwear. Shop Fieldsheer's collection and make your workday a little easier.
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