Fieldsheer Technology

Product Technologies

All of us at Fieldsheer are proud to offer the next generation of the most technically advanced riding apparel anywhere. With new features like our proprietory Nanomax, a new age breathable/waterproof material that allows the garment to breath significantly better than any on the market today, it's light weight, and extremely durable. Fieldsheer is also introducing a new fabric for 2017, the 600 Carbolex HD®, the most durable and abrasion resistant material available for motorcyclists.

Rain Guard®
A waterproof technology that allows excess body heat and perspiration to escape while at the same time preventing water from penetrating the garment, protecting the rider from elements such as rain or snow.

A high performance fabric made of an especially strong polyester fiber. This fiber has been designed to perform at the highest levels of resistance, punctures, abrasions, ripping, tearing, and piling. Our Carbolex-HD garments are easy to care for and long lasting protection.

Seam Taping
The seams of our garments have been sealed using thermoplastic tape which provides protection from rain and water while keeping you dry and comfortable.

Polytitanium Mesh
Is an ultra-breathable, durable, high abrasion resistant polyester mesh material.

Is a reflective technology designed for enhanced visibility in low visibilty conditions. Comprised of millions of tiny "retro-reflective" lenses bonded to a variety of fabric backings. These tiny lenses reflect light straight back to the light source which provides riders with high-visibily on the road.