Fieldsheer® Duck Down harnesses the extreme insulation properties of natural Duck Down with superior warmth to weight ratio, and incredible compressibility that isn’t damaged when compressed or packed. Our Duck Down Core is composed of thousands of tiny fibers that create air pockets and provide unparalleled warmth and insulation in any conditions, including rain and wind. These pockets trap heat, while still allowing the material to breathe so that no bacteria or microbes grow. Incredibly lightweight and warm Fieldsheer® Duck Down keeps you warm without sacrificing mobility, range of motion, or flexibility. Natural fibers resist damage, and our long-lasting Duck Down provides durable warmth, whether you’re in deep backcountry powder or grabbing a morning coffee. One common misconception about natural Duck Down is that it’s produced from the feather of the bird. However, it’s the soft, dense under plumage of the feather that creates this natural insulator. While Duck Down can clump and create voids if it gets wet, Fieldsheer® has field-tested all of our Duck Down products to ensure seamless performance in all conditions, including rain, snow, and sleet. A seamless blend of performance and comfort, our Duck Down Core provides tremendous warmth and insulation in a lightweight package that is perfect for on-the-go adventures from a weekend backpacking trip to a month-long camping trip across the country. Our team of designers and engineers have utilized over 40 years of experience to create some of the most versatile, lightweight, breathable, and warm Duck Down products available. Duck Down is the best solution when you are looking to reduce weight and save space in your pack without sacrificing warmth or comfort. Duck Down is incredibly durable and is the number one choice for insulation in cold conditions.
  • Natural fibers deliver effective insulation in a lightweight highly compressible package.
  • Durable and properly cared for can last decades
  • Higher warmth to weight ratio than synthetic fibers